Argentina is the second largest country in South America and eighth largest in the world with its 3,761,275 square kilometers. Argentina’s orography is very diverse and has 3 different zones: plains on the East, mountains on the center and the Andes mountain range acting as a border with Chile.

The country’s climate its also very diverse, not only because of its orography but also the different latitude of the territory. We can find subtropical climate on the Misiones province, warm weather on the central areas and Buenos Aires, warm and dry on the north plateau, and cold and windy on the Patagonia.

The highest mountains are found in the central area of the Andes mountain range, with the impressive Anconcagua with its 6,692 meters and other mountains as the Mercedario (6,770m) and the Tupungato (6,550m). En the northern part of the Andes we find the Ojos del Salado (6,893m), Pissis (6,882m), Bonete Chico (6,759m) or Llullaillaco (6,739m) mountains.

As we travel south the Andes lose some altitude and just a few elevations get as high as 4,000 meters, only the Domuyo (4,709m) stands out, considered to be the highest mountain on the Patagonia. There we find mountains as famous as the Lanin or Tronador, located on the northern side of the Patagonia, traveling south we wind the Fritz Roy, the highest mountain of southern patagonia.

Best season

Every season is a good one to visit Argentina, but some are better than others depending on the activities you are planning to do.

If trekking or climbing mountains is the objective, doubtless the best season is from mid-November until March, being the high season between December and February. This is the best season to climb to climb mountains like the Aconcagua. This season is also the high one the Patagonia zone, with its beautiful landscapes and long days, with snow only on the summits and higher areas. The ideal season for trekking and climbing on the patagonian Andes.

However, in northern Argentina provinces (Salta, etc) the climate is gentle even between May and October. On the Patagonia temperatures drop significantly, wind blows strongly and snowfall is often present. Travels to this lands between June and September are reduced just to a dew visits to very specific locations like Valdés peninsula or the Perito Moreno glacier. Trekking is almost impossible, and access roads are usually closed or is very difficult use them. Another tourist attraction on this season is skiing, the most famous resorts are located near Bariloche. Skiing activities are also important in Ushuaia.

Places to visit

Buenos Aires – One of the most cosmopolitan, fascinating and varied capitals of South America and the Whole world. Historic, full of monuments, bohemian, financial… Wander about it leaves no one indifferent. Walk through the colorful Boca neighborhood, lose yourself on the narrows streets of San Telmo, observe the tango dancing on the streets, have dinner in Madero Port or admire the Pink House are some of the many tourist attractions this city has.

The North – Northern regions have a special interest, a mix of geological spectacular scenery with ancestral traditions. The main attraction of the zone is Salta and its near gorges. In Salta, aside the historic center architecture we can visit many museums like the Santuarios Andinos, where Incan mummies recovered from the Llullaillaco. On this region we can also find valleys and gorges of many different shapes, colorful mountains, cliffs, cactus fields and some wildlife keeps. Worth noting is the Tren de las Nubes train, one of the most impressive civil engineering works of South America.

Iguazú falls – Shared between Argentina and Brazil, they are one of the main tourist attractions and one of the most visited. Thousands of tourists travel here every year to see the astonishing cascades falling down amidst impressive tropical vegetation. The tourist can walk through them by one of the many walkways, sail to the very foot of the falls or observe the many local wildlife there, like the heron, toucan, caiman, coati, monkeys or many other species.

Andes central region – Around Mendoza are found some of the parks most visited by tourists and mountaineers. Among them, the most important is the Aconcagua National Park where the tallest mountain of the country is. This zone is also famous because of its wines.

Atlantic Patagonia – Here is located one of the most famous natural parks of the country, the Valdés Peninsula. Sail along its coast watching whales, South American sea lions and Magellan penguins. South of here is located one of the biggest penguin colonies of the continent, Punta Tombo, where every year thousands of penguins visit the beaches to mate and incubate. Near Trelew some valleys have many vertebrate deposits.

Northern Andean Patagonia – This Andean zone encompasses from Esquel mountain on the South to Lanin National Park on the North is one of the most fascinating places of Argentina. Plenty of lakes, large conifer woods and mountains beyond counting. Ideal zones for activities like long walks, easy ascents and rock climbing. It has good skiing facilities and infrastructures and also mountain shelters. The bigger city on the zone, Bariloche, known for its chocolates. It like a part of Switzerland on the Andes

Austral Andean Patagonia – The most appreciated, wild and spectacular. Many of the most important touristic centers are located here, like El Calafate, El Chatlén or Ushuaia. The Kingdom of glaciers and high peaks. There we can sail amidst ice floes, observe the magnificent glaciers, walk through its valleys and mountains or climbing its famous peaks like Cerro Torre or Fitz Roy. Ushuaia southernmost city of Argentina is a first order touristic center with many tourist attractions: Tour on the Tierra del Fuego National Park, historical visits, wildlife spotting or just taste the best Patagonian lamb.




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