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Greenland, EUROPE

X-Plore is offering you the chance to join us on a crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap. The Ice Cap is the second largest body of ice in the world (after the Antarctic Ice Sheet), covering an area 7 times the size of the UK with an average ice depth of 2km.

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28/04 – 29/05, 2016


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Greenland, EUROPE

Our journey will begin on Iceland, where we’ll stay for one night. The following morning we’ll fly from Reykjavík to Kulusk, in eastern Greenland, from where we be transfered by helicopter or boat (depending on the weather) to the settlement of Tasiilaq. At Tasiilaq we’ll spend two or three days acclimatizing and preparing our equipment and supplies. The expedition will start with a drop near the ice cap: this will be the point where the real work will begin.

The first day we will focus on the skills and techniques required to ski and camp in such an extreme environment. The early phases of the expedition will involve 6 to 7 hours of skiing per day and, after approximately three days, when the gradient is reduced and everyone is settled in to the daily rhythm, we will aim to complete 10 to 12 hours of skiing per day.

After no more than a week on ice, you will have settled enough to really start appreciating the vast and pristine ice wilderness.

Around day 18 we will reach the highest point of the icecap (2,500m). This means that from this point all the route will go downhill and all the way to the coast.

By day 26 we should see a small tip of land on the horizon. The ice structures will change and melt-water streams will make it harder to travel. However, good teamwork will get us safely through this region, finishing at the coast at point 660. Depending on the time and weather, we will be able to choose between taking a 4WD truck straight back to civilisation, or walking the last 45 km to Kangerlussuaq. When the weather is good, it’s a beautiful walk through an area that hosts wild musk oxens and reindeers.

Around day 29 we’ll arrive at Kangerlussuaq for a very well-earned hot shower and a cosy bed. After a few days of basking in our achievement and relaxing back into ‘normal life’, we’ll fly home via Copenhagen.

Expedition members

This is an expedition for those who really want to go a step further into the Arctic and like to test themselves under difficult circumstances. If you’re fit and have extended experience skiing, winter camping, mountaineering and/or other winter outdoor activities, and enjoy multi-day endurance events, thrive in team environments and are sufficiently driven to see a real challenge through to its conclusion you’ll like this expedition.

Training will be key to enjoying this challenge. We recommend activities such as dragging car tyres in addition to usual disciplines such as hiking, running, cycling and cross-training.

Compulsory insurance

Due to the terrain we will operate in, having travel insurance with search and rescue cover to a minimum of EUR 100.000/person is required, along with full repatriation and medical expenses.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Depart for Iceland

Day 2 - Fly from Iceland to Greenland. Expedition preparations start at Red House

Day 3-4 - Preparation continues at Red House

Day 5 - Depart for expedition

Day 6-30 - Ski expedition across Greenland ice cap

Day 30 - Arrival at point 660. Pickup

Day 31-32 - Relax and recover

Day 33 - Prepare for departing

Day 34 - Flight from Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen

Day 35 - Flight home from Copenhagen


Map view for Greenland



  • Training and equipment advice prior to departure
  • Training sessions on arrival
  • A full ski expedition with experienced guides
  • Sledges and tents
  • Cooking equipment and food
  • An overnight stay in Iceland
  • Two nights in Kangerlussuaq
  • Two nights in Tasiilaq and an overnight stay in Copenhagen
  • Overnights when not ski-trekking will be on a bed and breakfast basis
  • Air Iceland scheduled flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk
  • Scheduled Air Greenland flight from Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen
  • Group transfers, including the helicopter flight to start the ski-trekking


  • Baggage over 20 kilograms
  • Any increase in fuel surcharges or taxes
  • Personal equipment and clothing
  • Lunches, dinners and (soft) drinks in Iceland
  • Tasiilaq, Kangerlussuaq and Copenhagen
  • Insurance and personal expenses
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