Inuit Experience. Dogsled expedition East Greenland with anthropologist

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Greenland, Greenland
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    Dogsledding has been the best method of wintertravelling used by the Inuit hunters in East Greenland
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    Camping on the sea ice together with the local Inuit hunters, East Greenland
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    Inuit hunter in kayak looking for seals
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    Cod fishing near Sermiligaaq
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    Crossing the sea ice on dogsled and ski´s, East Greenland
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    Wintercamping near Kulusuk
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    East Greenland Polar bear tracks
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    Northern lights, the dancing magic of nature
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    Sale of sealskins and cod along with craft sales, wage labor, and welfare are sources of income today for the Inuit

The Ammassalimmiut from the east coast of Greenland, were the last Inuit group contacted with the «white man» when the Danish explorer Gustav Holm located them in 1884, are the last survivors who directly descend from the Dorset culture rather than the Thule culture, as the rest of the Inuit groups that inhabit the Arctic. This gives them a unique culture that is particularly evident in the dialect they speak, hunting techniques and artistic productions that differentiate them from the rest.

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Greenland, Greenland

In this expedition we will fully experience their living off the land techniques in an extreme natural environment, as well as learning their culture, history and current life. Most Inuit live today between modern and traditional terms, as their culture is in danger and disappearing as a result of climate change and the process of globalization. This expedition aims to teach useful skills and knowledge and protect this very special and unique culture.

What makes this tour special?

Whilst living with the Inuit, we will be taught their age-old methods of hunting and fishing, travel by dogsled, eat traditional food (seal, halibut, cod, etc.), build snow igloos and enjoy traditional music and dance. We will stay in tents, snow igloos and hunting cabins, whilst enjoying spectacular views of fjords, glaciers and icebergs. We can expect to see seals, polar bears, polar fox and the majestic Northern Lights. Conferences concerning Inuit culture while travelling. Visit some local villages of hunters and fishermen to watch the traditional life of the Ammassalimmiut.

Possible content

Inuit traditional games
Learning to drive a dogsled
Learn how to build a snow igloo or other traditional houses
Learning to fish on ice
Ski trekking
Safety on sea ice and arctic camps
Hear about Inuit history and culture from the people themselves and from X-plore Guide and Arctic anthropologist specializing in Inuit culture, Francesc Bailon. Talks in camps or during the trip: Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland History. Environmental pollution and climate change. The future of the Inuit.Tales and Legends of the Inuit around the fire.The religion of the Inuit: between shamanism and Christianity. Minik. The story of an Eskimo who lost her identity. The Ammassalimmiut, inhabitants of the east coast of Greenland
Learn how to navigate through the Arctic and recognize the signs of nature (fog, wind, ice)
Learn to prepare and cook local food
Observation of Northern lights


During the expedition we will stay in tents or hunting cabins. In Kulusuk, we will sleep at a guesthouse (double occupancy).


Freeze-dried and local food cooked by the group. All included during the expedition.


X-plore Arctic guide: Francesc Bailón, an anthropologist specialized in Inuit culture.

Note: The guide will adapt the program of activities according to the group. Participants will be provided with material on Inuit culture and the Ammassalimmiut, the inhabitants of the east coast of Greenland. Indigenous experts will accompany us to show more on the Inuit way of life, who will give explanations during excursions and visits to the museum, cemetery and fish markets. We can also accompany them on activities such as hunting and fishing (not hunts arranged for us, but hunts they will be carrying out). Although we will learn a lot about the traditional life on the Inuit directly from the people, we have to take into account that their life has changed a lot. They do not dress traditionally and also use modern media.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Flight Reykjavik (Iceland) - Kulusuk (Greenland). Arrive at Kulusuk and transfer by snowmobile to the guesthouse. Selfcooked dinner. Lodgement in guesthouse, shared rooms (sleeping bag).

Day 2: Dogsled expedition. Meet your guide, the Ammassalimmiut hunters and their sled dogs. Preparation of kit, instructions, load sledges and head out on skis accompanied by Inuit hunters toward northern direction. Workshop: skiing techniques. Along the way, we will learn to observe and understand features of the Arctic and its nature. Workshop: learn to build snow igloos. Overnight in tent or igloo.

Day 3: Dogsled expedition. Arrive Sermiligaaq. License to drive a dog sled: theory and practice. How to make a harness and whip and their workings. We will explain how to build a traditional Inuit sled and you will have to learn some words in Tunumiutut (the local language) to direct the sled dogs. We’ll also look at Greenland cuisine (the traditional Inuit diet is considered one of the healthiest and most balanced in the world) and learn how indigenous foods are cooked. Arrival at Sermiligaaq: Sermiligaaq is an active and well functioning fishing and hunting settlement. Workshop: arctic safety and camp skills. Overnight in tent (optional sleep in local house, 250 DKK or 34 € per night and person).

Day 4-5: Dogsled expedition. Glaciers Knud Rasmussen and Kârale We leave Sermiligaaq and head for the Kârale and Knud Rasmussen glacier system. Skiing and enjoying the Arctic ambience (about 22km). In the afternoon we’ll look for seals on the ice and, if we are lucky. Overnight in tent.

Day 6-7: Dogsled expedition. Observation and hunting techniques in Qanerdorsiut. Shuttle dogsledge to Qanerdorsiut. Workshop: Fishing for arctic char. It may also be possible for us to track the following animals: arctic fox, ptarmigan, ermine, arctic hare, fox and even the king of the Arctic, the polar bear. Workshop: Learn how to hunt seal on the ice and ice fishing with long lines whilst following the traditional Inuit over the frozen sea. Overnight in tent or snow igloo.

Day 8: Dogsled expedition. Polynya or Iskant (ice edge). We’ll continue scouting the area to find animals while heading south along the fiords and sea ice. Workshop: advanced techniques with the dog sled. Workshop: accompany the hunter as he hunts seals. Seals have been, and continue to be, very important for the life of the local people. The seals are located near the Iskant (ice limit), where the ice is usually good. Overnight in tent.

Day 9: Kulusuk. Returning to Kulusuk. Workshop: Inuit traditional games (by then we will know the drum dance and songs) and sing traditional mourning songs. We’ll learn Tordlut, formerly what the Inuit used to resolve conflicts within the community. Afternoon at leisure around town, observing the lives of Inuit hunters and fishermen in a traditional population. Opportunity to visit the local museum. Overnight at guesthouse.

Day 10: Flight Kulusuk - Reykjavik. After breakfast, transfer to airport with snowmobile. Return to Reykjavik (Iceland).

The program will vary depending on the weather, snow conditions and ice, the presence of animals and the decisions of the Inuit hunter and guide X-plore in each time. The practice of ski trekking is not obligatory, it´s voluntary. During the expedition the co-operation of all participants will be crucial.


Map view for Greenland



  • Flights Reykjavik - Kulusuk- Reykjavik
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation in guesthouse, shared rooms
  • Overnight at camps or hunting cabins
  • Full board in Greenland
  • One anthropologist specialized in Inuit culture
  • Activities according to program
  • Workshops as per program
  • Dogsledge and local hunters
  • Skis
  • Specific group equipment
  • SAT Phone, Spot and solar charger
  • Licenses and tickets
  • Tents, cooking equipment and first aid kit


  • Flights to/from Iceland
  • Airport taxes (140 Euros)
  • Personal expenses like drinks, tickets, phone calls etc.
  • Travel insurance
  • Excess baggage
  • Snowshoes
  • Individual equipment as sleepingbag, mattress, bags, backpack, clothing, etc (contact us for advice).
  • Any service in Iceland
  • Satellite phone calls (2 € per minute)
  • All services not specified in «included»
  • Published price is based on 7 people
  • Supplement per 3/4 people: 280€
  • Supplement per 5/6 people: 240€
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