Trekking the fjord lands of Arctic East Greenland

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Greenland, EUROPE
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    Exploring the Mittagvkat glacier
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    Kong Oscar fjord filled up with icebergs
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    The ice is all-pervading in East Greenland, big icebergs and huge ice floes in the sea
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    View of icecap in coastal region from our camp
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    A wilderness trekking deep into the pristine fjordlands of East Greenland
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    Polar fox can be seen regulary
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    The intense experience of meeting local children
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    The dogs are esencial to survival of the local hunters
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    Alpine valleys filled with flowers giving contrast to the majestic glaciers

Explore the wild east coast of Greenland! With our Greenland trekking travels you will visit the local hunters settlements and enjoy the amazing view of the icebergs and even the Greenland icecap. Travelling on foot and by boat this wilderness journey takes you deep into the fjordlands of Arctic East Greenland. The trek explores a beautiful area of remote Arctic valleys, towering mountains and enormous iceberg-filled fjords. In this Greenland adventure travel, we may be lucky enough to see Arctic fox, hare and lemmings, and polar bears that are in very rare occasions observed.

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(1) 28/08-06/09, 2015


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Greenland, EUROPE

Wherever we travel there are no paths, and we shall make our own way along the route. This journey to Greenland combines boat travel with day trekking and visits of local settlements. Treks of 6 hours maximum will take us further inland, over rugged passes, through rivers, over mountains, on the icecap and passing by glaciers.


Tents, guesthouse and local house.


Mixed european with local food, prepared by the group. During trekking dryfood. All included in the price.


X-plore guide.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Reykjavik-Kulusuk-Tasilaq. Flight to the airport of Kulusuk, arrival in the morning. Helicopterflight to Tasilaq. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to explore this village of fishermen and hunters. Lodgement in guesthouse, sleepingbag, double or triple room.

Day 2 - Tasilaq - trekking Qaqqartivagajik mountain. After the breakfast we initiate our walk to the Qaqqartivagajik mountain (718m). An easy excursion of 4-5 hours that takes us through the valley of the flowers until the top of this mountain with views on precious mountain ranges of the island and the greatest ice movement of the world called the “Polar Stream”. Lodgement in guesthouse, sleepingbag, double or triple room.

Day 3 - Tasilaq - Tiniteqilaq- Ningerti. After breakfast we leave with the boat from Ittimiini to the small town of Tiniteqilaq, visit 1 hour. We continue with the boat through the Sermilik fiord, until we reach the ness at Sermilik/Ningerti, where we spent the night in tents.

Day 4 - Kaarali gletscher. We wake up enjoying the impressive and wild views that the Ningerti and Sermilik fiord offers, also called the fiord of the ice because of the great amount of icebergs that float in the water. After breakfast we will start the dayhike either to climb a mountain with great views on the fiord or we try to take a close look at the falling ice of the Kaarali Glacier. Night in tents.

Day 5 - Trekking Tasilaq fiord. Today we start our trekking adventure from Ningerti through the impressive valley of Tasiilap Kuua. The trek will take us through green areas, huge dark boulder areas, moraines, lakes, rivers and huge glaciers at both sides. (Duration 5-7 hours) Night in tents.

Day 6 - Trekking Tasilaq fiord Today´s trek will take us through vertical peaks and hanging glaciers along the valley. The river becomes huge and its course runs between snow drifts. The trail takes us along the glacial river of the Pikkelhuen peak and finally to our campsite, just below the amazing peaks of Trillengerne (the Triplets, 2069m) (Duration 5-7 hours) Night in tents.

Day 7 - Trekking Tasilaq fiord The final part of the trek we will reach the delta of Tasiilap Kuua, after wading various bigger glacial rivers and crossing two lakes. Along the delta we follow a good trail towards the Tasiilaq Fiord, where we will set up our camp on a plateau of gravel. (Duration 5-7 hours) Night in tents.

Day 8 - Mountain ascend

Day 9 - Kulusuk A good breakfast loads us with the energy to enjoy the long ride with the boat to Kulusuk. In the afternoon we visit the town Kap Dan. Lodging in guesthouse.

Day 10 - Kulusuk- Reykjavik After breakfast we walk to the airport of Kulusuk to take our flight to Reykjavik.


Map view for Greenland



  • Flights Reykjavik-Kulusuk-Reykjavik
  • Lodgement as in program (all sleeping bag based)
  • 2 nights in local house (with services in Guesthouse), Tasilaq
  • 1 night in local house, Kulusuk
  • 2 nights in local house, Tiniteqilaq*
  • 5 nights in tent
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinners during trip
  • International trekking guide
  • Boat transfers
  • Tents
  • Cooking equipment
  • Safety equipment


  • Extra costs due to weather, delays of flight or boats
  • Any service in Iceland
  • International flight to Iceland
  • Extra weight
  • Transports and food not mentioned in program
  • Personal equipment
  • Travel insurance
  • Any services not mentioned in includings
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