Skitouring in Sarek National Park

PRICE TRAVEL: from 1798

Sweden, Sapmi
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    The mountain landscape of Sarek National Park is the most dramatic in Sweden, and the least affected by human activity
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    One of Sweden’s largest ice climbing areas is to be found in Stora Sjöfallet National Park
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    Deep frozen lakes and bare mountain views without any trees as long as you can see
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    The curious cone-formed mountain Slugga points to the sky and beyond the mountains of Sarek
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    Instruction of tundra and wintercamping
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    Sarek is a magnificent untouched alpine area with sharp peaks and glaciers
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    A pulk is indispensible for pulling a load while skitouring
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    Sarek NP contains hundreds of mountains over 1,800 metres with contrast between rocky mountain sides and fractured glaciers
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    Sarek is indeed wild and without open mountain huts and marked trails

If you are looking for a unique journey which combines adventure, wild nature and arctic landscapes, this is your choice. Through the Samis land, we will go into one of the wildest National Parks in Europe, hidden and protected by nature.

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Sweden, Sapmi

We will ski or walk for 8 days pulling our pulka through snow-covered valleys, frozen lakes and pine forests, going by many glaciers and vertical walls and living a unique experience. The guide will teach us the essential techniques to enjoy the trip and he will also share his experience and knowledge with us in terms of orientation, survival, ski techniques, search, fauna observation, sami culture…

The National Parks

The first National Park, known as Sarek, was established in 1909 and was the first of its kind in Europe. The mountainous lands prevail and cover almost 90% of the whole combined surface of the park. Sarek has more than one hundred glaciers, Padjelanta is full of lakes and large open fields and Stora Sjöfallet possesses forests, alpine pines and ice waterfalls.

The Samis

The archeological discoveries indicate that the Samis have been living in the arctic region for millions of years. The modern Samis have a life based on a rich culture and very rooted traditions, but profiting from the modern technologies too.


The weather is typically arctic with temperatures that can reach -20C and, exceptionally, go down the -30C range. The medium temperature in March fluctuates between -6C and 12C.

Northern lights

The latitude (67ºN) and dates in which we will travel will offer great conditions to observe the northern lights.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival at Lulea - night in hotel

Day 2 - After breakfast we will abandon the city to be transferred to Ritsem. The road to Ritsem is also called by the locals as the path to nowhere, where we will be able to observe the wild landscapes covered by a carpet of snow, frozen lakes and large pine and fir tree forests. At night we will be able to enjoy a sauna with views to Lapon’s Queen: the Akka Mountain (which means old woman in Sami). Night in a Ritsem hostel.

Day 3 - Transfer in snowmobile to Akkajaure and Kutjaure lakes, getting closer to the Akka’s slopes. The Akka (or Áhkká) is one of the most famous mountains in the north of Sweden. Is located in the north of the Polar Circle at Stora Sjöfallet National Park and has been awarded as Lapland’s World Heritage by the Unesco. This mountain does not have an exclusive peak but several. The tallest one is the Stortoppen, with a height of 2.015 meters. It also contains some glaciers, being the Hambergsjökel the biggest one, which gives the mountain its peculiar shape. We will start our journey searching for a path into the fir tree forests and we will follow the river to the southeast looking for the huge wall that dominates Nijak mountain. Night in tents.

Day 4 - The journey will lead us progressively to the heart of this National Park also known as Europe’s Alaska. Sarek is really alpine and has magnificent mountains and narrow valleys, as well as huge glaciers and vertical walls. The park includes more than 200 mountains which exceed 1.800 meters. Six out of Sweden’s 13 tallest mountains are located here, as well as around 100 glaciers. In the route we will come across some Sami’s cabins, used as a shelter while they take care of their reindeers. The lands are quite soft and easy to walk until we reach Mikka’s cabin, an emergency refuge that we will be able to use in order to have supper. Night in tents under Mikka jegńa, the biggest glacier in the Sarek.

Day 5 - Reserve day or optional climb to Mahtuoalgge, one of the surrounding mountains, with 1284 meters that will offer astonishing views over the glacier and Rapadalen valley, Sarek’s “artery”. At night we will be able to profit from the cabin and try to contemplate the incredible northern lights. Night in tents.

Day 6 - Following the course of the frozen river, the Rapadalen valley’s cliff in front of us will get deeper. We will leave the river leading to the east and climbing up a snow slope as we enter a wide valley where we will sail comfortably over Bierikjavvre lake. Night in tents.

Day 7 - The lands will be opening progressively and will precede huge valleys and large plains covered by white snow and blue ice. We will cross the moraines, a reminiscence of the big glaciers that once ruled this land, and start our descent through a narrow canyon. In the north we will be able to observe the park’s famous ice waterfalls, known as one of the best spots in Europe for ice climbing. The Slugga cone-shaped mountain will catch our attention and be a good reference, as well as the place when we will finally set our camp up. Night in tents.

Day 8 -Already surrounded by mountains and forests we will cross the river banks and go down to the 645 meters where we will start the crossing of Pietsaure’s huge lake. Here we will be able to find footsteps of all kinds and luckily we will observe animals as the arctic fox or the nival partridge; the bears will be still in hibernation. Night in tents.

Day 9 - Spare day - night in tents

Day 10 - The mountain shelter is located just 6 kilometers away. We will pass by the Sami’s summer camp before we start descending, with views over the large National Park Stora Sjöfallet mountain ranges and valleys, and over Akkajaure Lake. Night at Saltoluokta’s mountain station.

Day 11 - In the morning we will cross Akkajaure Lake, where we will take our bus towards Gallivare and then take the train to Lulea. Arrival in the afternoon and night in Lulea.

Day 12 -Day off in Lulea, where optionally you will be able to join the following activities: trip with hovercraft through the frozen lake, sailing on ice, route with dog sleds, tour with icebreaker in Pitea or visit to the city. In the afternoon we will take the night train to Arlanda. Night in train in private compartment.

Day 13 - Arrival at Arlanda in the morning, departure to destination


Map view for Sapmi



  • 2 nights in Lulea, hotel*** double room with breakfast
  • Night at Ritsem refuge, shared room with breakfast
  • Night at Saltoluokta mountain station, double room with breakfast and supper
  • Transfers as mentioned in the program
  • Commutes in snowmobile from Ritsem to the journey’s start point
  • Lulea-Ritsem (train and bus)
  • Kebnats-Lulea (train and bus)
  • Lulea-Arlanda in night train, sleeper shared room
  • Equipment transportation
  • X-plore guide
  • Satellite phone and spot
  • Security equipment
  • Expedition meals (8 days, during the journey)
  • Tent, pulkas and stoves
  • Gas


  • Other services not mentioned before
  • Luggage owerweight
  • Additional luggage costs (skis)
  • Personal items
  • Out of the journey meals
  • Additional nights at the shelters or hotels
  • Travel and accident insurance (compulsory)
  • Rescueing or abandoning expenses *


  • Snowshoes renting: 60 euros
  • Sleeping bag renting: 50 euros
  • Plane tickets
  • Barcelona-Lulea
  • Estocolma Arlanda- Barcelona
  • 280 euros (plus fees)* - rate according to availability and booking dates
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