Immersive Experience

Bushmen Immersion Experience

Programs and training that may include travel, expeditions, activities, workshops, presentations, where we again can feel the essence of life. Explore human life and nature in wild environments in their purest form. Through the “IMMERSIVE” experience you have the opportunity to feel what is important, convenient and responsible. From cultural immersion with the Bushmen, and solidarity actions to sustainability projects. Translate sometimes very abstract terms in real experiences, in order to obtain views and values ​​useful for organizations in their day to day.


Experience, understand and observe the relationship between cause and effect in a real natural and wild environment.

Understand the principles of sustainability in business and management, and conditions of sale and R & D. What resources, systems and guidelines apply to us? And how can we ensure good performance (commercial) and ensure the efficiency of our efforts? How to involve the workers?


 The incorporation of meaningful community service in an incredible travel experience.

How to protect and take an active role in the development and protection of our living cultures and natural resources. Understanding does not always lead to action and results. Translate active social responsibility to the organization is often a complex task. During the execution of policy, it is important that employees understand the importance of a more responsible business.


Learning to read the tracks, to read the story and live it in an exciting adventure.

Do not leave negative footprints on our way through the worlds we visit. Knowing how to interpret and communicate without judgment in order to understand the steps of ourself and others. We visit the most important habitats of the planet, such as jungles and deserts. The jungles for example, cover only 6% of the land, but contain more than half of the plants and animals, tribes live here in a complex network of relationships with their environment. In many cases they have found a balance that can serve as an example, based on knowledge and practice accumulated over thousands of years.


 Learn to trust and enjoy the senses.

Create a connection with ourselves, others and the environment around us. The activities and environment invite to focus on self-awareness, situational awareness and awareness of being part of a great team. Experience as certain patterns of thought and expectativos can impact and influence on personal actions and lead us down a path that does not suit us.



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