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Photographs from the X-plore Greenland Expedition April 2017

More photos from the magnificent X-plore Expedition to Greenland in April, just landed! We are very lucky to travel with clients who share our values ​​and commitment to Nature and local cultures. Greenland is an important part of X-plore History, there are many expeditions and missions, many shared moments, illusions and adventures in a land […]

X-plore in the Mountain Blind Guided Course

X-plore Travel and Expeditions and Nomadic Latitude we have been responsible for guiding the expedition of the upper course of mountaineering for the blind to the summit of Galhopeggin, in Norway, within the Superior Course of Guiding the Blind in Mountain, Adapted Mountaineering and Treatment with People Blinds from the UNED Foundation. A unique event […]