We believe all life on earth is connected. We are one. . .  we are nature.

We are co-creating a world in which all beings are connected to everyone and everything.

We do this by creating experiences of being and learning in nature and inspiring to lead and live from that wisdom.

The experience of our guides and experts allow us to explore to the edge within a caring and empowering environment and the best safety standards framework.

After fifteen years learning, growing and evolving X-plore Group has transformed into an intentional community of purpose driven, committed, passionate individuals who thrive in the knowledge, a continuous pursuit for genuine growth and evolution targeting health, awareness, and most of all joy for life

Dare to join us on that wonderful journey. . . 

& Expeditions
Transformational adventure travel, exploring challenging and diverse cultural environments in nature worldwide.
Safety services, logistical and cultural expertise in challenging environments around the globe for film and television production companies that want to make a difference. Experienced guides and specialists applying the highest professional safety standards.
Deeply transformational experiences in nature accompanied by experienced guides, challenging yet secure.