Area: 11.300 km2
Population: 2.100.000
Capital: Banjul
Language: English (official). Other languages: mandinka, wolof, jola, fula, serehule.
Currency: Dalasi
Religion: Islam 90%. Christians 9%. Animists 1%
State form: Presidential republic
For Spanish citizens: Mandatory passport valid for more than 6 months. Visa: For those Spanish citizens who travel to The Gambia for exclusively tourist reasons (non-labor, commercial, etc.); With a single entry and exit from the country, for stays of less than 28 days and arriving in The Gambia through Banjul Airport, the Government of The Gambia grants a visa-free entry, which is requested and obtained upon landing at the airport from Banjul.
Health and vaccines: Compulsory vaccines: Yellow Fever (if it comes from an endemic country). Recommended: Hepatitis a and B, tetanus, AC meningitis and antimalarial treatment.

The Gambia, “the smile of Africa” ​​is a small country located on the west coast of Africa and completely surrounded by Senegalese territory. Thanks to its political stability and the ease of getting around the country, the Gambia is an ideal African destination for anyone who wants to make an introductory trip to black Africa.

destino Destination: Gambia
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 8 days