Area: 2.166.086 km²
Population: 56.025
Capital: Nuuk
Language: Greenlandic (kalaallisut)
Currency: Danish crown
Religion: More than 96% of the local population is Christian. Within this predominant sector, the Lutheran church is the one that attracts the largest number of faithful.
State form: It is part of the Kingdom of Denmark with a relationship known as Rigsfællesskabet (Commonwealth of the crown)
For Spanish citizens: Valid passport. Visas: no
Health and vaccines: Compulsory vaccines: Yellow Fever (if it comes from an endemic country). Generally recommended vaccines: Hepatitis A, Tetanus-diphtheria, Triple Viral.

This "Lost City" trek is considered the most beautiful in all of South America and one of the most spectacular in the world. It is an authentic adventure, crossing rivers, climbing mountains, crossing the thick tropical rain forest, etc.

destino Destination: Greenland
fecha salida Departure date: 25 August 2023
duracion Duration: 13 days

The Ammassalimmiut on the east coast of Greenland were among the last Inuit group to have contact with the "white man." It happened when the Danish explorer Gustav Holm located them in 1884. They are the last direct descendants of the Arctic Dorset and Thule cultures.

destino Destination: Greenland
fecha salida Departure date: 25 April 2023
duracion Duration: 11 days



Greenland is a special destination due to its wild environment, wildlife and isolation. In the lands surrounding the Scoresbysund Fjord there are musk oxen, among other wild animals such as the polar bear, the polar fox. You can also find walruses, seals, whales and a large number of birds (for example, the Arctic Owl).

destino Destination: Greenland
fecha salida Departure date: March, April, August, September
duracion Duration: 10 days

While we live with the Inuit, we will learn their ancient hunting and fishing methods, we will travel in dog sleds and we will eat traditional foods (seal, halibut, grouper, cod, etc.).

destino Destination: Greenland
fecha salida Departure date: 21 August 2023
duracion Duration: 12 days