Area: 13.812 km2
Population: 622.387
Capital: Podgorica
Language: Montenegrin. Other languages ​​“of official use”: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian.
Currency: Euro
Religion: 72% are Orthodox Christians, 19% Muslim and the rest are Catholic (3%) or of other denominations
State form: Parliamentary Republic
For Spanish citizens: It is highly recommended to have both documents (DNI as a national document and a passport as a travel document) to access this country. Visa: No
Health and vaccines: Mandatory: None. Generally recommended vaccines: Hepatitis A, Tetanus-diphtheria / Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis, Triple Viral.


GJERAVICA (2.653 M) - KORAB (2.764 M)

This trip will take us to know all these environments, and also to cross borders and visit places in the neighboring countries of Kosovo and Montenegro, as well as to climb several of its emblematic summits, some of them the highest in the country, such as the Korab. (Albania and Macedonia) and the Gjeravica (Kosovo).

destino Destination: Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo
fecha salida Departure date: 1, 15 and 29 August 2020
duracion Duration: 11 days