Area: 238.391 km2
Population: 19.357.165
Capital: Bucarest
Language: Romanian. Minorities employ Hungarian, German, and Roma
Currency: Leu
Religion: There is an Orthodox majority (81.9%), Protestants (6.4%) and a Catholic minority (4.3%), as well as small Muslim and Jewish communities.
State form: Republic
For Spanish citizens: Passport or DNI. Visas: No visa is required.
Health and vaccines: Mandatory: None. Recommended: For adults: Tetanus, hepatitis and typhus vaccines are recommended. In case of being bitten by a dog, the rabies. For children: it is advisable to keep the official immunization schedule updated.

Those who are not familiar with Romania will not have too many visual references of this country. At most, some Transylvanian castle related to the famous Vlad “The Impaler” will come to mind, a historical character who was inspired by Bram Stoker to create the mythical “Dracula”.

destino Destination: Romania
fecha salida Departure date: June - September
duracion Duration: 11 days