Area: 17.075.400 km2
Population: 144.868.9021
Capital: Moscow
Language: Russian (official) and vernacular languages
Currency: Ruble
Religion: Non-denominational State. Majority religion among the population: Russian Orthodox Christian (50%). 13% declare themselves spiritual, but without following any religion; 25% atheist, 6.9% of Muslim religion.
State form: Presidential Republic
For Spanish citizens: To travel to Russia it is mandatory to be in possession of a valid passport. It must be in force and with at least 2 contiguous pages without stamps or visas, valid for at least 6 months from the date of your return from Russia. It must be in perfect condition: the covers attached to the notebook, there should be no missing pages and there should be no damage whatsoever. Visa: Yes
Health and vaccines: Mandatory: None. Generally recommended vaccines: Hepatitis A, Tetanus-diphtheria / Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis, Triple Viral. Vaccines recommended in special situations: Central European Encephalitis, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Flu, Pneumococcal.

In one of the most beautiful, remote, wild and isolated places in the world, in a paradise known as "the land of fire and ice" live the Evens, a nomadic herding people dedicated to raising reindeer. On this trip it is not only an adventure to live with the Evens, it is also an adventure to travel the Kamchatka peninsula, a region closed to tourism...

destino Destination: Rusia, Kamchatka
fecha salida Departure date: February - Abril
duracion Duration: 15 days


ELBRUS (5.642 m)

Complete itinerary that will allow us to know four well differentiated regions of Peru. We will start touring the coast to the south, visiting the marine fauna reserves, the spectacular dunes of the coastal desert and the mysterious Nazca lines.

destino Destination: Russia
fecha salida Departure date: May - September
duracion Duration: 8 or 10 days

Russian Lapland is a geographic region of Northern Europe. It limits in the north with the Arctic Glacial Ocean, in the west with the Norwegian Sea, and in the east, with the Barents Sea. Lapland is divided between Norway, Sweden, Finland and finally Russia, in what is known as the Kola Peninsula . Kola was closed for most of the 20th century to...

destino Destination: Russia
fecha salida Departure date: February - April
duracion Duration: 16 days