Sri Lanka
Area: 65.610 km2
Population: 22.576.592
Capital: Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte has been the legislative capital since 1989 and Colombo the commercial capital as well as the seat of the presidency and the Government.
Language: 87 % 87% Sinhala (Sinhala) and 28.5% Tamil
Currency: Sri Lankan rupee
Religion: Buddhist (official, 70.2%), Hindu (12.6%), Muslim (9.7%) and Catholic (7.4%)
State form: Democratic presidential republic
For Spanish citizens: Valid passport has a minimum validity of six months. Visa is mandatory.
Health and vaccines: Vacunas obligatorias: Fiebre Amarilla (si se procede de un país endémico). Vacunas generalmente recomendadas: Tétanos-difteria/Tétanos-difteria-tos ferina, Triple Vírica, Hepatitis A, Fiebre tifoidea. Vacunas recomendadas en situaciones especiales: Hepatitis B, Encefalitis Japonesa, Rabia, Gripe, Neumocócica.

Health and vaccines: Compulsory vaccines: Yellow Fever (if it comes from an endemic country). Generally recommended vaccines: Tetanus-diphtheria / Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis, Triple Viral, Hepatitis A, Typhoid fever. Recommended vaccines in special situations: Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, Flu, Pneumococcal.

Sri Lanka is known as the “Tear of India” or “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” due to the particular shape that the island confers. It is also known as “The island of a thousand names” and today it is still a little exploited paradise, pure, virgin and with a lot of charm. It could even be said that Sri Lanka has been hiding from the...

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