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This experience will give you a stunning combination of the incredible arctic environment of the region along with the landscapes of the Polar Urals, as well as an exclusive immersion in the ancient ways of life in the tundra and of today's Nenets nomads. This expedition is an opportunity to get back to basics and to enjoy the tundra and the...

destino Destination: Siberia
fecha salida Departure date: March 2024
duracion Duration: 10 days

Why Madagascar? The truth is that there are plenty of reasons to want to travel to Madagascar, the fourth largest island on the planet. Many people were unaware of this country, until it was located on the map after the famous cartoon movie.

destino Destination: Madagascar
fecha salida Departure date: September - October 2023
duracion Duration: 18 days

Turkey has different mountain systems and they all have different characteristics. From the limestone mountains of the Taurus to the south and the gentle coastal mountains of the Aegean coast, to the beautiful granite massif of the Pontic Mountains on the shores of the Black Sea.

destino Destination: Turkey
fecha salida Departure date: June - September
duracion Duration: 8 or 9 days


ELBRUS (5.642 m)

Complete itinerary that will allow us to know four well differentiated regions of Peru. We will start touring the coast to the south, visiting the marine fauna reserves, the spectacular dunes of the coastal desert and the mysterious Nazca lines.

destino Destination: Russia
fecha salida Departure date: May - September
duracion Duration: 8 or 10 days

Expedition to Iran with the aim of ascending the Damavand, which at 5,610 meters high is the highest volcano in Asia and the highest mountain in the Middle East. It is currently an inactive volcano and although there have been no eruptions in historical times, there are fumaroles near the top crater. This imposing mountain is located 80 km from...

destino Destination: Iran
fecha salida Departure date: April - October
duracion Duration: 8 - 10 days

Sri Lanka is known as the “Tear of India” or “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” due to the particular shape that the island confers. It is also known as “The island of a thousand names” and today it is still a little exploited paradise, pure, virgin and with a lot of charm. It could even be said that Sri Lanka has been hiding from the...

destino Destination: Sri Lanka
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 16 days

This "Lost City" trek is considered the most beautiful in all of South America and one of the most spectacular in the world. It is an authentic adventure, crossing rivers, climbing mountains, crossing the thick tropical rain forest, etc.

destino Destination: Greenland
fecha salida Departure date: 25 August 2023
duracion Duration: 13 days



This is a perfect opportunity to see and feel all the faces of Bulgaria: the most modern environment and the most remote corners, the best preserved natural sites and the authentic villages, always accompanied by the hospitality of the Bulgarians.

destino Destination: Bulgaria
fecha salida Departure date: Jul | Ago | Sep
duracion Duration: 8 days

Everest trekking is the most popular trekking route in Nepal, and attracts thousands of hikers every year not only because of its proximity to the highest peaks in the world, but also because of the culture of the Sherpas people that are found along the way.

destino Destination: Nepal
fecha salida Departure date: March - May and October - November
duracion Duration: 20 days

Guatemala has 37 large volcanoes. We will ascend to some of these giants, such as Acatenango (3,976 m) and Tajumulco (4,220 m), the highest summit in Central America. The second half of our trip will be done in the Petén jungle, where we will trek to the hidden ruins of the mysterious Mayan city of El Mirador.

destino Destination: Guatemala
fecha salida Departure date: December - August
duracion Duration: 16 days

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Located at the southern end of the Aegean Sea, it has an area of ​​8,300 square kilometers, a coastline of 1,040 kilometers, and a population of about 600,000 inhabitants.

destino Destination: Crete
fecha salida Departure date: May 24 and October 03
duracion Duration: 8 days

The Ammassalimmiut on the east coast of Greenland were among the last Inuit group to have contact with the "white man." It happened when the Danish explorer Gustav Holm located them in 1884. They are the last direct descendants of the Arctic Dorset and Thule cultures.

destino Destination: Greenland
fecha salida Departure date: 25 April 2023
duracion Duration: 11 days