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Explore new cultures and new landscapes throughout the world. We offer an experience for every adventurous spirit looking for an immersive journey. Our tours offer the perfect combination of enjoying nature, connecting with the people, and their customs, in the most dynamic and experiential way possible.
All our tours are carefully designed by expert travellers who know and feel that place you want to explore. Within our offer you can find guided tours in open groups with fixed departures, private guided tours tailored for individuals or families, and also a large number of possibilities for self-guided trips "selfdrive / fly and drive" with rental car.

Iceland, Iceland, Island … translated literally means “Land of Ice”, a translation that does not accurately reflect all the landscape and environmental facets of this magical territory bordering the Arctic Circle. Undoubtedly, Iceland is one of those destinations that will not leave the visitor indifferent and dazzles the traveler in such...

destino Destination: Iceland
fecha salida Departure date: April - October
duracion Duration: 12 days

Free tour of the best of Scotland. We will start the trip in Edinburgh, the capital of the country, where we can visit its historic center and its famous castle.

destino Destination: Scotland
fecha salida Departure date: April - October
duracion Duration: 8 days

Sri Lanka is known as the “Tear of India” or “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” due to the particular shape that the island confers. It is also known as “The island of a thousand names” and today it is still a little exploited paradise, pure, virgin and with a lot of charm. It could even be said that Sri Lanka has been hiding from the...

destino Destination: Sri Lanka
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 16 days

Colombia, with a great multicultural and ethnic diversity (it has 84 indigenous ethnic groups), a wild and overwhelming nature, colonial cities anchored in the past and pre-Columbian archaeological sites that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

destino Destination: Colombia
fecha salida Departure date: Spring - Summer
duracion Duration: 16 days

Mongolia, known as the "Eternal Blue Sky" country, is a remote region of vast expanses, endless steppes and endless skies, the cradle of nomadic peoples and multitudes of ethnic groups. Land of crossroads of cultures and religions, it has a wide variety of ecosystems, from the driest deserts on the planet to large glaciers that fall from peaks...

destino Destination: Mongolia
fecha salida Departure date: September - October
duracion Duration: 18 days

The Gambia, “the smile of Africa” ​​is a small country located on the west coast of Africa and completely surrounded by Senegalese territory. Thanks to its political stability and the ease of getting around the country, the Gambia is an ideal African destination for anyone who wants to make an introductory trip to black Africa.

destino Destination: Gambia
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 8 days



Nice circuit through three of the most famous islands in Indonesia. Bali will welcome us with its unique culture, with its spectacular temples, volcanoes, rice fields and traditions. From here we will access the Island of Java, one of the most populated in the country and which has a great number of natural and architectural wonders, such as the...

destino Destination: Indonesia
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 18 days

Everest trekking is the most popular trekking route in Nepal, and attracts thousands of hikers every year not only because of its proximity to the highest peaks in the world, but also because of the culture of the Sherpas people that are found along the way.

destino Destination: Nepal
fecha salida Departure date: March - May and October - November
duracion Duration: 20 days

Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan world, a mystical and ancestral country. The legacy of the Mayan culture is deeply rooted in the customs and traditions of the country's indigenous inhabitants and this is evident at every step you take in this beautiful country. Guatemala offers us a wide variety of attractions that will not leave us...

destino Destination: Guatemala
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 14 days

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Located at the southern end of the Aegean Sea, it has an area of ​​8,300 square kilometers, a coastline of 1,040 kilometers, and a population of about 600,000 inhabitants.

destino Destination: Crete
fecha salida Departure date: May 24 and October 03
duracion Duration: 8 days



Experience the diversity of the Azores archipelago. Explore the islands of São Miguel, Pico and Faial on your journey of discovery. Each island is different and has its own charm and quirks. Intact nature, lush vegetation, volcanoes, as well as craters and crater lakes can be found in the Azores archipelago.

destino Destination: Azores
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 10 days

Slovenia is a green paradise in the heart of Europe. Despite being a very diverse small country because four European topographic points come together in its territory: the Alps, the Karst, the Panonic Plain and the Adriatic Sea that is part of the Mediterranean region.

destino Destination: Slovenia
fecha salida Departure date: All year
duracion Duration: 8 days