Rusia, Kamchatka
Nomadic shepherds of Kamchatka
departure: February - Abril
Duration: 15 days



In one of the most beautiful, remote, wild and isolated places in the world, in a paradise known as “the land of fire and ice” live the Evens, a nomadic herding people dedicated to reindeer herding. On this trip it is not only an adventure to live with the Evens, it is also an adventure to travel the Kamchatka peninsula, a region closed to tourism until 1991, and where the villagers themselves say that there are no roads, only directions. An area in which the lack of infrastructure has allowed the nature of this region to remain intact.

The Yakuts called them “lamutami,” which means “ocean people,” but these shepherds prefer to call themselves “Even.” Most Evens live along the Okhostk Sea coast. They came to Kamchatka about 150 years ago. The Evens culture comes from some groups that lived in Siberia and that lived on reindeer herding and hunting. Unlike the Koryaks and Chukchis, Evens have kept small herds of reindeer to facilitate movement.

Today, most Evens retain part of their traditions. This expedition will allow us to make a cultural immersion in one of the most fascinating towns on the planet and in one of the most spectacular places in the world, full of volcanoes, geysers and hot springs. Without a doubt, this trip can be «the great adventure of your life».

Bystrinsky Nature Park is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site: Kamchatka Volcanoes. The main objective of the park is to preserve the traditional lifestyle of the Evens, who live in the Anavgai and Esso villages, located within the park. The park is the largest and least developed of all the natural parks in Kamchatka.

The roads in the area are traditionally used by hunters and shepherds. Evens use strong northern horses for travel in the snowless months. Through the park flow some of Kamchatka’s wildest and most scenic rivers.

The terrain where we will move in this expedition is mostly high mountain tundra where lichens, the main food of reindeer, grow. The temperature in this area during the month of March-April is normally between 0 degrees C to -10 C during the day and -10 C to -20 C at night.

Best season:
February - Abril
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Day 1: Moscow

Arrival in Moscow city and transfer to Park Inn Radisson Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow.

Hotel accommodation, Moscow.

Day 2: Moscow – Flight to Kamchatka

Breakfast food.

After breakfast, free morning to visit the main tourist attractions of Moscow, such as the Red Square, the Kremlin or Saint Basil’s Cathedral. In the middle of the afternoon we will take the flight to Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski (PKC), the administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural center of the Kamchatka Krai.

Night on board.

Day 3: Elizovo –Paratunka Valley

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Arrival in Kamchatka in the morning and transfer by minibus to the Gelios hotel, located in the Paratunka valley and 25 km from the city of Petropávlovsk-Kamchatsk. The Paratunka Valley, where the region’s best hot springs are located, is the perfect place to relax, recover from the long plane trip and adjust to 11 hours apart from Europe.

Hotel accommodation, Paratunka Valley.

Day 4: Elizovo – Esso

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

After breakfast we will go by minibus to the town of Esso (2,000 inhabitants), located in the heart of the Kamchatka peninsula, in the land of the Evens. Esso, which means “Larch” in the native language, is the administrative center of the Bystrinsky region also known as the “Switzerland of Kamchatka”. It is one of the most welcoming places in the area and surrounded by evergreen forests, sculpted cliffs, and mountain ridges. Not far from the city are the Uksichan and Bystraya rivers. The journey to Esso is long (about 9 hours, 525 km) and on the way we will stop in the town of Milkovo for lunch. Milkovo was an old Cossack settlement.

Hotel accommodation, Esso.

Day 5: Esso – Camp Even

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

After breakfast, we will move on a snowmobile into the tundra. It is difficult to foresee the time invested until reaching the meeting point with the Evens, since it will depend on their location and the snow conditions.

Accommodation in yurts (traditional Even tent), Even Camp.

Day 6-10: Camp Even

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Coexistence with the Evens and adaptation to their traditional way of life. We will be able to learn about their ancestral culture and participate in their daily tasks such as cutting wood, making a fire and keeping the stove burning inside the store, preparing food and helping the herder during the reindeer butchering process, collecting water for cooking and cleaning, and help with reindeer: for example walking around the herd to chase away predators, such as birds of prey, wolves, or wolverines. Likewise, day and night shifts will have to be done to help the Even in his daily tasks, participating in the daily scheduled activities. This is the traditional way of life of this town and the best way to have a good cultural immersion.

Accommodation in yurts (Even traditional tent), Even Camp.

Note : If daily activities and weather conditions allow it, we will take snowshoe excursions to learn about the geography of the area and the spectacular landscapes of this volcanic region of Kamchatka.

Day 11: Camp Even – Esso

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

After breakfast, we will return on a snowmobile to the town of Esso.

Hotel accommodation, Esso.

Day 12: Esso

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Reserve day due to adverse weather conditions. We will have the opportunity to visit the Bystrinsky Museum, considered the best museum in Kamchatka and where we will be able to see first-hand the original traditional customs of Evens. We will also have the opportunity to bathe in the outdoor hot spring pool in the city.

Hotel accommodation, Esso.

Day 13: Esso – Elizovo

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

After breakfast, we will return by minibus to the Parantuka Valley. During the journey we will make stops to stretch our legs and take photographs of the spectacular landscapes that we find on our way. Lunch en route. Arrival in Elizovo and accommodation at the Gelios hotel.

Hotel accommodation, Elizovo.

Day 14: Elizovo – Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

After breakfast, we will go to the city of Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski to take a «City Tour» and get to know the most emblematic monuments of this population. Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski was founded on October 17, 1740 by Vitus Bering who also gave name to the famous strait that separates Russia and Alaska. This important Russian city is surrounded by impressive volcanic mountain ranges. We will also take the opportunity to visit the local Lore museum and learn about the history of the explorations in the land of Kamchatka and the ancient tribes that inhabited this area. Next we will go to Petrovskaya Hill to observe the magnificent frozen bay of Avacha and the imposing Vilyuchinsk volcano. In the middle of the afternoon we will return to Elizovo.

Hotel accommodation, Elizovo.

Day 15: Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski – Moscow

Breakfast food.

Breakfast at the hotel. Depart to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski airport to take the flight back to Moscow. Arrival at Sheremetyevo airport at noon. End of our program.

The program will vary depending on the weather conditions, snow and ice, as well as the presence of animals and the decisions of the guides at that time. The stay in the stores will be shared. A tent will be provided for the group only, based on their number.


  • 7 nights of hotel accommodation.
  • 6 nights accommodation in Yurtas (traditional Evens tents).
  • Diet according to program.
  • Local English-speaking X-plore guide.
  • Flight Moscow- Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski / Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski- Moscow.
  • Transfers as specified in the program by minibus and snowmobile.
  • Stay with local Even family.
  • Snow rackets.
  • Activities as indicated in the program.
  • Permits and entry records.
  • Invitation letter to obtain the Russian visa.
  • Arctic safety equipment.
  • SAT phone, locator, solar charger.
  • Stores, kitchen tools, first aid kit.
  • International flight to Moscow
  • Entry visa into Russian territory
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, tickets, phone calls, etc.
  • Travel insurance
  • Excess luggage
  • Individual clothing and equipment, sleeping mat, backpack, warm clothing, winter boots (contact us for advice)
  • Any service in Moscow
  • Satellite phone calls
  • Anything not specified in the “INCLUDED” section.
  • The published price is based on the formation of groups of 5 people
  • The final price may vary depending on the availability of seats on round-trip flights from Moscow- Petropávlovsk-Kamchatski
  • Individual supplement: please contact us

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