Still in de-escalation phase, we can walk near our houses. In the Garraf forest, just behind my house, life is in full spring action. The water still runs down the stream after four days of incessant rain, something unique according my experience here. On the first day, when we were able to go for a walk, the forest was “full” of people, where normally you could find some single person, as if we were looking for the connection that we think we have lost with nature. The forest was beautiful, full of life and colours.

Certain smells reminded me of my youth in Holland, the lush forests, playing and discovering the natural world in a space that I still long for: the smells and senses of humidity in the Veluwe forest, the largest wooded area in the Netherlands. This is where I experienced my first natural “confinement” at the age of 19. In search of questions and answers I went into the forest, with the minimum, to be with myself for four days, in a space of two square meters. It is there that I was able to observe and embrace my shadow and realize the deep connection we have with nature. That experience led me to spend more and more time in the forest, learning to experience and live in that natural world. There I realized that there is no separation, we are an intrinsic part of it. We depend on nature, but nature does not need the human being.

Dolomites, Italy. 

These days has become evident how our “non-presence” has helped to recover life in the biosphere. The question now is how to move on with the wisdom that Covid-19 brought us and live together, contributing to our relationship with nature, the world where we live. When we believe that nature is something external to us, we exclude ourselves from a wonderful formula that allows us to be in the magic zone. In this place, where everything flows, where you are connected and inspired by your wisdom and intuition, where you expand the good, regardless of where and with whom you are. Our purpose, at X-plore, is to be an intentional part of that formula and to inspire to explore, lead and live in that magical zone.


New reality, new image

With great affection we want to share with you our adapted roadmap, a new image and website, aligned with our vision and purpose. In these years X-plore has grown naturally, as a result of the call of the people who have wanted to accompany us on this passionate journey, and adapting ourselves to such a fast, changing and insecure reality. This is our way of life and being.





Cercadeti y Connect

We have created experiences adapted to a clear need. We wanted to create something that transform the actual challenge into an advantage in order to be #Closetoyou. Programs that help connect in a healthy and natural environment, sharing the experience with other people who seek the same as you. We can now understand the value close to us, it is not necessary to fly to the other side of the world to connect with oneself in a natural environment. These programs are adapted to the demands of safety and health due to the situation of the Covid-19.

Al-Ula, Saudi Arábia 

I want to thank all of you for your love and trust and being part of our community.  Thanks to you, we have been able to walk this path with vision and trust exposing ourselves fully to the challenges, gaining learning and experience sensations that make us feel alive and grateful.

We are nature…

Gerard van den Berg

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